2-Item Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram Image


Venn Diagrams are perhaps the best known Graphic Organizer (link to Wikipedia), and are meant to give students an better idea of the connection between two or more things (vocabulary terms, ideas, places, people, events, etc.) by comparing the qualities they share and contrasting the qualities in which they differ.  This is shown in the diagram by two intersecting circles – the are where the circles overlap is where the student fills in the similar qualities, while the are of the circles which are separate (the left and right sides in this example) are where the differing qualities are written.

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For this diagram, the teacher can either provide the things being compared/contrasted, or allow the students to find their own (i.e. have the student use their favorite and their least favorite characters in a novel, and see how they are similar or different).

This diagram can easily be copied as a double sided handout.

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