My Background

Before working towards a teaching degree in Alaska, I did many things.

The Short Version is that I grew up in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado, and went to college in Missouri, worked and traveled after graduation, and finally wound up studying Teaching at the University of Alaska, Southeast.

The Longer Version is that I graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Niwot High School before heading to college at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and minors in Economics and Biology.

Glass pieces I blew in the Gaffer's Guild.  I also built the table and took the photo. NBD.While there I: volunteered as a DJ and worked as the Music Director at the radio station, 89.7FM KMNR-Rolla; worked as a lab tech in the electrodeposition laboratory; ran a bicycle repair shop/club; was an active member of Alpha Chi Sigma (the chemistry fraternity), the W.T. Schrenk Society (American Chemical Society student affiliates), S.C.R.U.B.S. (pre-med organization), and the Gaffers Guild (where we blew glass).

After college I worked in a record shop in Boulder (Albums on the Hill), volunteered in the Emergency Room at Boulder Community Hospital during the midnight shift, and travelled whenever I could.  From March to May of 2012, I lived with an old friend and two radiologists in an attic apartment in Madrid, taking week-long solo trips around most of Spain.  I heavily documented my Spanish excursions via digital photograph, many of which can be found in this collection on Flickr.

Record Room (Folk & Stage) - Albums on the HillAs evidenced, I have dabbled in a wide range of work and hobbies.  Today, I mainly indulge two pastimes – music listening and collecting, and amateur photography.  I love all sorts of music, but listen primarily to indie rock/pop, electronic pop, folk, blues-rock, and garage-rock/post-punk.  Despite many people’s insistence that it is a dead medium, I have amassed a record collection of almost 400 LP’s, 10-inch’s, and 7-inches over the past few years.  During that time I have also become a more accomplished photographer, selling licenses of my work both directly through Getty images.  (If you are interested in using any of my images as stock photography, please contact me through Flickr or click the Getty Licensing button on any of my Flickr images)


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