White Alice Script

UPDATE 2: Final draft is now online and available for viewing on Google Docs.  For earlier drafts, read below.

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UPDATE: The second rough draft is now online, available for viewing on Google Docs.  For the original posting and first rough draft, read below the dashed line.

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A early version of the story script for the White Alice Digital Story – reading through with appropriate inflection takes about 4.2 minutes, so it clearly needs trimming.

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White Alice Story Map

Below is the initial story map for a project on the History of the White Alice Communication Towers in Bethel, Alaska.  The project consists of a short video, which is this case is a brief history of the towers that dominated Bethel’s meager skyline for over half a century. The video has room to grow into a larger project after the completion of my ED-632 “Internet in Education” course at UAS, for which it is an assignment.

The story map is a graphic organizer depicting the flow of a projected story.  It is meant to help plan the story out prior to writing the actual content – i.e., a story map is a map to help guide the first rough draft.

Stories typically follow a rise, climax, and fall – I have chosen to represent this patter through the shape of a White Alice communication tower, which have a conveniently similar form.

It even kinda looks like a White Alice tower

Story Map for a video project on the History of the White Alice Communication Towers in Bethel.

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‘Anthrotech’ – Assessment of Technology

This assignment (The ‘Anthrotech’ Assessment of School Technology) was to complete a form-based assessment of the technology services at BRHS.  This is mainly of interest to my peers and those looking to compare/contrast tech services between schools.

The completed assessment for can be viewed via Google Docs or as a PDF file.