Between my schoolwork, my teaching, my professional development, and my hobbies, there are a ton of services and people I rely on – these are ones that I highly recommend.


If you are going to be creating media of any sort, you will be copyrighting your material.  Period.  This happens regardless of if you actually include a copyright statement, but not all copyrights are equal – take control of your material, while also letting people share your work and letting other media producers use it in very specific ways using the Creative Commons family of copyrights <>.

WFMU has created one of the greatest databases and archives in Web 2.0:  The Free Music Archive <>.  The FMA “… is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads.”  In addition to just offering great music as free, high-quality downloads for personal use (including some from fairly well-known independent musicians), the Archive also has a large amount of music which can be used in the creating of other media (i.e., background music in videos).  The licenses for use differ with each song, but it’s pretty simple to search by what your end use will be.

For non-linear thinkers, or anybody who has ever been bored by a PowerPoint, Prezi is an interesting take on slide presentations.  Like any program, there is a slight learning curve, but there are a ton of pre-made presentations and templates to get you started.

I’ve mentioned it throughout the site, but it’s really worth mentioning again – Flickr is a s fantastic photo-sharing resource (limited a bit recently because of it’s parent company’s difficulties, Yahoo).  It was built for sharing photos and making photos look good on the internet, and it does exactly that.  Many photographers also have their work available under creative common licensing, making it a valuable source to find photos for use as well.


This site is built in the free version of StartupWP <>

I have used the plugin WP-Biographia <>, and you will not find a better supported plugin or a more helpful developer.

About Alan Windhausen

Alan has been a student, a DJ, a glassblower, an artisan, a chemist, and a record store clerk. Currently, Alan is interning as a student teacher and focusing on his photography hobby. He is now back in school at the University of Alaska-Southeast, and licensing his photographs through Getty.