Modified Frayer Chart for Vocab

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Frayer Charts are traditionally a form of Graphic Organizer (link to Wikipedia) meant to give students an better connection to the ideas behind new vocabulary.  Research has shown that Frayer Charts help students to synthesize new vocabulary better, and leads them to use to the terms more in writing and discussions (link to 2003-2004 study).  There are various forms of Frayer Charts out there – the one I am offering is a table that is designed for older students who will be getting multiple terms in each unit.

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This Frayer Chart is meant to be copied double-sided and included in the student’s folder or binder.  It features sections for each new word being learned: Vocab Term, Definition, Example, Non-Example, and Illustration.

The teacher gives students a list of vocabulary terms (or has the student compile a list of new vocabulary form the reading), and the students fill in the rest.  The teacher can optionally give the definition as well, but I typically have to students practice using glossaries and dictionaries in this process.

Examples will hopefully be a memorable archetype of the vocabulary term to help the student remember the characteristics of the term.  In contrast, the Non-Example should be something which, without knowing the term, may be confused with the term, but is decidedly distinct from it (i.e., if the term is “Heat,” the example might be ‘Energy moving from my hand into a snowball’ whereas the non-example might be ‘Temperature, like when my hand is cold after holding a snowball’).

These handouts are ©2013 Alan Windhausen, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.  Feel free to use, amend, or share this work for any non-commercial (i.e. you cannot profit) projects or in your classroom, but be sure to give credit and link back to my original.

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