Online Community Reflection

Over the course of the past semester, as part of my University of Alaska – Southeast coursework, I’ve been fostering connections with online communities.  While some experiments in using these communities have failed (my Khan Academy and Smart Exchange accounts are somewhat lagging), my participation in photography communities (Flickr, Digital Photography School), as related to being the Photography Club mentor teacher, has proved quite useful.

Thought my involvement with these communities, I’ve developed my own skills and abilities, and been able to bring these to the students as a teacher.  I have also used the lessons and resources available on these sites to further the skills and abilities of the students.

I have written a reflection on these online communities, available in two formats:

As a Downloadable .pdf File
For viewing on Google Docs

About Alan Windhausen

Alan has been a student, a DJ, a glassblower, an artisan, a chemist, and a record store clerk. Currently, Alan is interning as a student teacher and focusing on his photography hobby. He is now back in school at the University of Alaska-Southeast, and licensing his photographs through Getty.