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White Alice Story Project – Reflection

Having completed the White Alice Story Project (see the project’s blog for the full progression || see the final video), it was worthwhile to reflect on how such a project is applicable to a High School science classroom, specifically Chemistry (my main content area).

In summary, this project can be used in a Chemistry classroom to teach the skills of researching a subject, drafting and completing a project, and citing sources in an appropriate manner.  It should not be used as a replacement for learning the skills required to write a research essay.  However, such a project can be used as a precursor to an essay, as a way to ease students into the process of researching and drafting.  In the classroom, this could take the form of a 13-day multimedia project during one unit, followed later in the course by a research essay.

A longer reflection of the project and it’s potential application in the classroom may be found on Google Docs or viewed as a .pdf file by clicking the links below.

Open as a .pdf
View on Google docs



White Alice Audio – Voice and Music

The Free Music Archive, run by WFMU, is a database of music that is free to download.  Some of the artists additionally allow further distribution and reuse.

Using this fantastic resource, I found the track “As Colorful as Ever” (by Broke for Free), which is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.  I then synced this up to my voice recording for the White Alice Script, which is also available under the same license, in Garageband.

The mixed down .mp3 version is available for use under Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.

White Alice Audio (Voice and Music)

CC Non-Commercial 3.0 license

White Alice Script – Audio

After several edits (and even more last-minute edits) of the White Alice script, I have finally recorded and mixed-down into an .mp3 a voice-only version, which will later be turned into a video.

This .mp3 is ©2012 Alan Windhausen, and is available for use under Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.

White Alice Script – Voice Only (download)

CC Non-Commercial 3.0 license

White Alice Story Table

A story table is similar to a story board, though it is much simpler and the focus is more on the writing and matching visual/media cues to that writing, rather than the other way around.

For my ED Tech 632 course, as part of the White Alice Story project, I created a simple story table, which you can download and view as a .pdf, or as an Excel spreadsheet (download only from Google Docs)  via the links below.

White Alice Story Table (.pdf)

White Alice Story Table (.xlsx on Google Docs)

White Alice Script

UPDATE 2: Final draft is now online and available for viewing on Google Docs.  For earlier drafts, read below.

View Final Draft On Google Docs



UPDATE: The second rough draft is now online, available for viewing on Google Docs.  For the original posting and first rough draft, read below the dashed line.

View Second Rough Draft on Google Docs



A early version of the story script for the White Alice Digital Story – reading through with appropriate inflection takes about 4.2 minutes, so it clearly needs trimming.

View Rough Draft on Google Docs

White Alice Story Map

Below is the initial story map for a project on the History of the White Alice Communication Towers in Bethel, Alaska.  The project consists of a short video, which is this case is a brief history of the towers that dominated Bethel’s meager skyline for over half a century. The video has room to grow into a larger project after the completion of my ED-632 “Internet in Education” course at UAS, for which it is an assignment.

The story map is a graphic organizer depicting the flow of a projected story.  It is meant to help plan the story out prior to writing the actual content – i.e., a story map is a map to help guide the first rough draft.

Stories typically follow a rise, climax, and fall – I have chosen to represent this patter through the shape of a White Alice communication tower, which have a conveniently similar form.

It even kinda looks like a White Alice tower

Story Map for a video project on the History of the White Alice Communication Towers in Bethel.

(Click on image for larger size)