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Multimedia Project for Chemistry – Guidelines and Rubric

Revised Multimedia rubric (Chemistry)

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This project is meant for 10th-12th grade Chemistry students, and (as written) covers lab topics normally beyond the means or scope of a high school course.  The students research a topic and create a video to teach their peers, and then a quiz developed by the students over all the material is given.  It is designed for 1 day of in-class research and planning, 11 days (2 weekends included) of out-of-class work with daily check-ins on progress, and 1 day of presentation, 13 days in total.

Objective: The students will be able to research a chemistry topic at the level of a college freshman, and will demonstrate the ability to outline, draft, and properly cite a research project.

©2012 Alan Windhausen, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.  Feel free to use, amend, or share this work for any non-commercial (i.e. you cannot profit) projects or in your classroom, but be sure to give credit and link back to my original.  This project is adapted from the work of Dr. Jason Ohler (http://www.jasonohler.com/) – for more information on multimedia projects, including story maps and story tables, his book, Digital Storytelling in the Classroom, is a valuable resource.