White Alice Story Project – Reflection

Having completed the White Alice Story Project (see the project’s blog for the full progression || see the final video), it was worthwhile to reflect on how such a project is applicable to a High School science classroom, specifically Chemistry (my main content area).

In summary, this project can be used in a Chemistry classroom to teach the skills of researching a subject, drafting and completing a project, and citing sources in an appropriate manner.  It should not be used as a replacement for learning the skills required to write a research essay.  However, such a project can be used as a precursor to an essay, as a way to ease students into the process of researching and drafting.  In the classroom, this could take the form of a 13-day multimedia project during one unit, followed later in the course by a research essay.

A longer reflection of the project and it’s potential application in the classroom may be found on Google Docs or viewed as a .pdf file by clicking the links below.

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